The Big Pedal 2014: Let’s get Sutton pedalling!

The Big Pedal 2014, starting today, encourages schools to get their pupils walking, cycling, ‘scooting’ or catching the bus to school – spreading fun, health and congestion benefits. big pedal

Schools are invited to enter their daily total eligible journeys, competing for trophies and prizes. On one day, pupils are even encouraged to dress as their favourite superhero.

The Big Pedal is launched as a report warns of the environmental damage caused by 1,760,000 children being driven to school every day. The average pupil lives just 1.8 miles from school, an easy walk, cycle or scoot – which also wakes their brains up ready for the school day!

Sustrans calculated that if a child is driven to school every day of their education, they would contribute 183,379 balloons of CO2 to our already huge carbon footprint. Malcolm Shepherd, chief executive at Sustrans said: “Driving to school not only contributes to UK-wide air pollution levels, it also causes pollution at the school gates which can be harmful for children”.

More than 1,520 schools have signed up to take part in The Big Pedal 2014 – so come on Sutton schools – let’s show the rest of the country how to do it!

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