Zero Carbon Community Farm

sutton-community-farm-web-friendlyA community energy project to run Sutton Community Farm on renewable power and become carbon positive.

At Sutton Community Farm, we are passionate about local food. We also realise that food is the greatest component of our environmental footprint and when practiced without care, farming presents one of the greatest threats to species and ecosystems. As London’s largest community farm, we have the opportunity to set the benchmark in small scale sustainable farming – benefiting our local community and the environment.

We already run our delivery van on waste cooking oil and recycle rainwater, but now we want to become a carbon positive farm – by generating our own energy renewably – and feeding extra power into the grid. To do this, we want to initiate a community energy project – run and owned by our community. By setting up a community owned energy project we hope to:

• become self-sufficient in energy
• create internship opportunities for young people
• use profits earned from the sale of electricity to directly benefit the local community and tackle fuel poverty by helping people reduce their energy bills.

One Planet Principles achieved:  Zero Carbon, Equity and Local Economy, Health and Happiness

*Please note voting for the Sutton Community Challenge has now closed.