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Turning Sutton into the most sustainable region in the UK requires everybody working together and doing their bit. From residents to businesses, community groups to schools, everyone can help us move towards a One Planet Sutton.

Our pages on each of the five themes, Cutting Carbon Emissions, Cutting Waste, Valuing our Natural Environment, Supporting Healthy Communities and Supporting our Local Economy can give you some ideas about what you can do in your everyday life.

Here you can find out a bit more about what different organisations in the borough can do.


vegetable animalsSchools are vital to teach the young people of Sutton how to live sustainable lives and there is a lot that schools can do both to promote environmental issues and reduce their environmental footprint.

A large proportion of the Borough’s schools are already certified ‘Eco-Schools’.  Eco-Schools is an international award scheme for all ages, which covers a variety of environmental issues: biodiversity; energy; global perspectives; healthy living; litter; school grounds; transport; waste; and water.  Schools can progress through three awards; bronze, silver and Green Flag at their own pace and with their own targets.

More information about the Eco-Schools scheme can be found on the London Borough of Sutton’s website.  This includes the awards criteria, upcoming events, news, resources and funding opportunities and hints and tips for each of the nine topics. If you would like some more information, please feel free to get in touch with the Borough’s Eco-Schools Officer on or 0208 770 4195.


Businesses, large and small, play a big part in our ecological footprint and increasingly, people want to use businesses that look after the planet, their suppliers and the people who work for them. By developing environmental products and services, greening our existing supply chains and operations, and supporting a diverse and local economy it will in turn support greener communities and lifestyles across the borough. Greening your business will save money, enhance your reputation, increase your resilience, and make employees proud. There are a wealth of resources out there to help you become more sustainable and this section provides a few ideas and links.

How much does going green cost?

Greening your organisation does not necessarily have to cost anything. In fact, it can often identify financial savings as going green involves being clever with resources and efficient in the way you do things. How much it will cost depends on what you do and where you are starting from. Some actions require absolutely no investment but deliver savings, others may require a large investment with slow payback.

We advise organisations to engage staff at all levels to help identify actions as well as working with sustainability experts. Then by collecting together actions and organising them by environmental savings and feasibility/cost, it is possible to address the quick wins first.

Moh-coffeeHow should I measure my impacts?
There are different tools out there to help you with monitoring and make it easy. We recommend you check out the following free resources which can help you keep track of your impacts:

Where can I find case studies?
Case studies are a great way to understand what other organisations are doing, as well as sharing ideas and getting inspired. There are lots of case studies out there: to get you started, you can take a look at Carbon Trust case studies, as well as case studies on 10:10′s website.

Further resources for all

Carbon Trust. The Carbon Trust is an independent not for profit company set up by the UK Government with support from business to take the lead on low carbon technology.

The 10:10 campaign. This is a big UK campaign for individuals, schools, businesses and other organisations. It’s a simple and successful idea where people make a pledge to cut their carbon emissions 10% by 2010. It gives you all the guidance and help to make it happen.

London Green Procurement Code. The Mayor London’s Green Procurement Code is a support service for London based organisations committed to reducing their environmental impact through responsible purchasing.