Cut home fuel costs with the Big London Energy Switch

Sutton Housing Partnership are supporting residents to sign up for the Big London Energy Switch. Sutton are one of a number of London boroughs to join the campaign to help residents save money on their energy bills.

Those who sign up for the Big London Energy Switch will be offered the unique opportunity to be a part of an auction where gas and electricity suppliers bid their best deals to customers and the kind folks over at Big London Energy Switch help ease customers through the transition from their old supplier to their new one.

It’s free to register and signing up by 12th October 2015 will register your interest to be included in the next auction on 13th October 2015. About a month after the auction you’ll receive a personal offer by email from a supplier with the best deal based on your usage.

There is no obligation to accept any offer given but the Big London Energy Switch must be notified as soon as possible for those wanting to accept.

More people registering, mean more discounts from energy suppliers, so sign up and save today! You can register now by following this link

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