One Planet Volunteer Officially Launches




This week, an exciting project was launched in partnership with Bioregional, Volunteer Centre Sutton and Sutton Council to encourage the 50,000 people who volunteer every year in Sutton, to do so with a one planet attitude. The aim of the scheme is to establish volunteers as role models for sustainable living, and reward them for their contribution to the community.

The One Planet Volunteer scheme is a way of encouraging volunteers to do so in a more sustainable way and be recognised for not only helping others, but our environment too! This could be anything from catching the bus to their placement instead of driving, or taking the person they support to an independent, Fairtrade coffee house rather than a big commercial chain.

To get involved, all you have to do is “Like” the One Planet Volunteer Sutton Facebook page and start uploading a photo of yourself living out each of the five One Planet Themes in your volunteer placement. There are details on each of the five One Planet themes, as well as lots of ideas and examples of what you could do on the page. A range of thank-you’s from local businesses are available for those that complete all five!

For more information, please contact Sian at Bioregional on

Click here for full details of the scheme

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