One Planet Sutton Themes

One Planet Sutton is a vision for a Sutton where people lead happy, healthy lives within a fair share of the Earth’s resources, and local businesses thrive. We call this One Planet Living.

One Planet Living is an internationally used framework made up of ten principles that look at all aspects of sustainability, from our carbon emissions to how our local economy works. In Sutton, these ten principles have been grouped into five One Planet Sutton Themes.

Here you can find out more about each theme and how you can help Sutton achieve its ambition of being a One Planet Borough.



Cutting Carbon Emissions

…looks at both the emissions we produce at home and also our travel emissions. This corresponds to the Zero Carbon and Sustainable Transport principles in the One Planet Living framework.



Cutting Waste

…covers reducing the amount of waste we produce and ensuring the products we buy are from sustainable sources. This corresponds to the Zero Waste and Sustainable Materials principles in the One Planet Living framework.


Valuing our Natural Environment

…looks at how the food we eat and water we use impacts the natural world, and how we can help support wildlife. This corresponds to the Local & Sustainable Food, Sustainable Water and Land Use & Wildlife principles in the One Planet Living framework.


Supporting Healthy Communities

…is about celebrating local identity and culture, ensuring people can take part in local life and that they lead happy, healthy lives. This corresponds to the Health & Happiness and Community & Culture principles in the One Planet Living framework.



Supporting the Local Economy

…is about ensuring people have the skills and employment opportunities they need, people are paid a fair wage and local businesses thrive. This corresponds to the Equity & Local Economy principle in the One Planet Living framework.